Agribusinesses (MSMEs) selling inputs (seeds/seedlings and agrochemicals) can access this loan to augment their working capital or execute agriculture related
projects. Loan repayment is in sync with the cash flow pattern of the MSMEs.


Small holder farmer cooperatives cultivating the same crops are the target of this facility. Money is not disbursed to the farmers but based on the input needs
of the farmers, a certified input dealer is engaged to supply the inputs. To avoid side selling, an off-taker is attached to the cooperatives who deducts the loan
principal and the interest in favour of SVMF at source.

To ensure optimum yield, extension services are provided as well. The loan repayment is structured in sync with the cash flow patterns of the small holder farmers. Loan repayment is mostly bullet clear of up to a tenor of 8 months.


Established Village Savings and Loans Groups that use informal saving mechanism and on-lend the funds to members are limited to only what group members are
able to pull together.

SVMF connect with these VSLs and grant them additional funds to augment their loanable funds. Financial literacy and leadership trainings are offered on group meeting days.

Maximum membership of each VSL is 40 individuals. Loan repayment is monthly with a tenor of 6 months. No collateral is required.


This is a graduation loan product designed for groups with SME members whose credit needs have exceeded the Ghc 5,000 limit but not more than Ghc 20,000.
The group can have 3-5 members.

A collateral is needed to access this facility. The loan tenor is 24 weeks/6 months. Individual SMEs with collateral can also apply for this loan on their own


It is a loan product designed to meet the credit needs of women in the retailing and wholesaling of mostly foodstuff and other household essential items. It is designed to address the inability of these women to provide collateral security to access credit.

The Loan is guaranteed by the whole group who are jointly and severally liable in case of a member's default. A refundable partial cash collateral of 10% to 15% that attracts interest is deposited in group's account by members.

Each cluster has a designated day that they meet for new group registration, orientation and loan repayments. Each cluster has a Market Queen who assist in the screening of new groups and recovery of loans.

Each Group consisting of minimum 3 and maximum of 7 is voluntarily formed by members. The loan tenor is 24
weeks/ 6 months. Loan amount is minimum of Ghc 500 to a maximum of Ghc 5,000 per an individual.

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