Promotion of Water, Sanitation And Hygiene

Summit Vision Microfinance has been a Partner Financial Institution of the Netherland Government’s SNV project of CATALYSING Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) known as ‘From Possible to Profitable in Ghana since 2015.

SVMFS has access funds through this project and on-lend to our customers at very low rates to cater for their WASH needs. Households without the upfront money to build toilets, connect pipe water, have water storage facilities and construct bath rooms are now boosting of these essential facilities because of this initiative.

Entities dealing in the WASH products and services have hailed this initiative, as a novelty, they have been able to attract loans to operate and expand their businesses. SVMFS is also one of the Partner Financial Institutions under the World Bank’s ‘Greater Accra Metropolitan Assembly Toilet for all project ‘which has a target of constructing about 20,000 toilets.

SVMFS is extending loans to the contractors that are building these toilets and the households that cannot pay the upfront the 25%-30% beneficiary contribution.

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